surveyorSurveyor, a Sevtec Vanguard on steroids!

While Vanguard engine possibilities have grown from the original 16hp to 23hp, Surveyor is designed to take newer engines of 25 to 28hp. Surveyor can be built to the same 14 foot hull size as Vanguard for more performance, or it can be stretched to 16 feet for added payload for such as packing more material into the backcountry. Gone is all wood in the craft structure, and a composite deck is used, unlike the fabric deck of Vanguard, for a more robust hull.

With a top speed of 37mph for an improved ability to punch into bad weather, (a 2 engine version is shown for 40 plus mph speeds over deep water) and fuel use of less than 1 1/2 gallons per hour, this sev can haul up to 700lb payloads, 850 lb payload if lengthened to 16 feet, over big and small waters and like the Vanguard, has exceptional athletic abilities over rough terrain.

Plans and instruction manual are available for $48US, including first class postage, US, Can. Mex. (Foreign, add $3.) Critical parts for Surveyor such as propellers, fans, skirt material, drive hardware and foam for the composite hull construction are available from Sevtec.

Total cost of construction, including engine and critical parts kits for Surveyor is $3000 to $3900, and some 120 to 400 man hours. Wide cockpit, two engine prototype shown.

 Susan and Les Sitsberger, of Medford, OR show their 16 foot Surveyor in construction. The forward deck is built to be walked on. Some builders might elevate the forward deck for better weather protection as well as an area for stowage of seats and other light stuff to be kept out of the rain.

 The hull

 Hard Points for anchoring forward airdrive and guard in this wood free hull.

The hull aft, showing the added flotation aft and the thickened fiberglass to take screws for the aft skirt.


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