• Raised bow and stern improves rough water and rough terrain capability. The Vanguard based sevs will ride up and over obstacles that would be struck by many other craft.
  • Large diameter, lightly loaded rotors yield high performance with low fuel consumption. Rotor tip speeds are kept at the


You will find it hard to believe what a one lung lawnmower engine can do!

With a hull size of only 5.5 feet width by 11 feet length, Scout is designed to provide an exceptionally compact, efficient sev with excellent performance on a single cylinder garden equipment engine. With a payload of 270lb and a top over water speed of 30mph, Scout has a good measure of performance in spite of the tiny engine! 


Imagine, taking a 460mile trip over the big waters of Puget Sound, camping and visiting along the way, in a craft of only 16hp!

Vanguard made just such a trip! Vanguard is a get out and go somewhere sev, and a screaming, gas guzzling frantic two stroke engine is simply not needed to get real performance! Suddenly waters that one would never think of as boating waters open up and the reward is new adventure!

surveyorSurveyor, a Sevtec Vanguard on steroids!

While Vanguard engine possibilities have grown from the original 16hp to 23hp, Surveyor is designed to take newer engines of 25 to 28hp. Surveyor can be built to the same 14 foot hull size as Vanguard for more performance, or it can be stretched to 16 feet for added payload for such as packing more material into the backcountry. Gone is all wood in the craft structure, and a composite deck is used, unlike the fabric deck of Vanguard, for a more robust hull.

geoduckGeoduck Homebuilder Program

The Geoduck program is a program designed to use the smallest commonly available automobile engine, the 1000cc G-10 Suzuki (Geo Metro) engine, 3 cylinder and 45hp at 4200rpm. An inline 4 cylinder engine can also be used, and if the builder desires, a second lift engine, 18hp Briggs, can be used for a two engine craft. The hull is 8 X 16 feet, and can be extended to 18 feet for easier planeout and more interior room.

PropspectorExceptional performance, using a stock 1.8L automotive engine.

Prospector has plenty of payload. Either build it as an open boat or add windshield, soft top, and a heater, and cruising comfort may be had. With a hull size of 8 feet by 16 feet or the preferred 18 feet, Prospector is a scaleup of the Vanguard design, and uses a Subaru 1.8L EA82 engine. Prospector uses a drive similar to the North to Alaska Explorer.


Lots of interior space allows the addition of some interior appointments for cruising comfort, and a large hull makes for a better ride in larger waters. This is the sev that cruised from Anacortes, WA to Juneau, AK, over 1400 miles.

With a hull size of 8 feet by 18 1/2 or 20 feet, Explorer is a scaleup of the Vanguard design, and uses a Subaru 1.8L EA 82 engine. Two aluminum frames automatically extend when the engine is started so this sev flies as if it were ten feet wide. (Note! The drawing shows the sev at flight configuration, 10 feet wide to the edges of the aluminum frames. It does automatically fold for highway trailering under 8 ft width.)