Come along with Sevtec, and participate in an adventure.

North to Alaska

Lets see, now, John Carter, 225#, personal effects,#, Bryan Phillips, 201#, personal effects, 47#, Barry Palmer, 156#, personal effects, 19#. Now wait a minute! I could see that we were off to a baaad start.

Now I was not asking John or Bryan to go on instant diets, as both of them are somewhat around 5 inches taller than me, but what about

Hovercraft Enthusiasts, here comes Surveyor!

Surveyor, a new design from Sevtec, Inc. This sev features a 4 place capacity with just 40hp. The prototype, which borrows heavily on Vanguard sev experience, and has been operational since the spring of 1998.

Operation of the single engined Vanguard sevs over a five year period has shown that finally, there is a small 4 cycle engine that is reliable enough to use on a two engined craft. The new Surveyor uses a