Eleven Sevtec sevs (4 Vanguards, 1 Surveyor, 3 Prospectors and 3 Explorers) at the July, 1998 Pacific Northwest Hover-in. (Below) 3 more Vanguards in the designer's backyard hoverport.

Imagine . . .

skimming along on a cushion of air, over land and water and ice and snow. Sevtec sevs (Surface Effect Vehicles) give you all the pleasures of hovercraft, and you fly along, efficiently, with low spray, with a minimum of commotion.

There are commercially constructed hovercraft that do just this, but you have to put up with incredible noise, lots of spray, and usually a cantankerous, high strung two stroke engine that guzzles amazing amounts of fuel. Some of these hovercraft are so loud, that if you use earplugs, you can still hear them with your teeth! No wonder there are not very many of them around, they are not very good neighbors. After all, skimming along on a cushion of air shouldn't take a whole lot of power, but the fundamental engineering has to be in the design to accomplish this.

The Sevtec line of sevs covers surface skimmers from a 12 to 25hp, single place Scout sev , 16 to 23hp, 2 to 3 place Vanguard sev , 25-28hp single engine, 4 place, or up to 41hp two engine Surveyor sev, 45hp Geo Metro 3 cylinder or 60hp 4 cyl inline single engine, 6 place, or up to 78hp two engine Geoduck sev, 80-98hp, 4 to 5 place Prospector sev, 80-98hp, 6 to 8 place Explorer sev. Plans and current parts prices can be seen at the Amphibious Marine website

Search for Sevtec to find Sevtec newsgroup activity, including tips on building, operating and design of sevs.

As a home construction project, sevs offer an adventure of the level only associated with projects like homebuilt aircraft or ultralight aircraft. However, while some of the same building skills are used as are used in homebuilt aircraft or ultralights, a sev can be built for a tiny fraction of the cost and time that is required for home construction of a homebuilt aircraft.

Also, the Sevtec sev project, with its foam and fiberglass composite construction, can be a valuable training aid for someone interested in building a composite homebuilt aircraft, and provide a source of new adventure as well.

Do you want to know what it is like to operate a Sevtec sev out in the "real world"? You will find the real world is sometimes no place for undersized hulls and front mounted lift fans as are on many hovercraft when you are away on an adventure.

The north to Alaska adventure is done! Read all about the 1400 mile journey in the North, to Alaska pages.

Sevtec is continuously researching the surface skimmer concept, and as the plans are computer drawn, they can be readily updated as new knowledge is gained.

Sevtec makes available the more difficult parts such as propellers and lift fans, skirt material, and drive hardware to ease the construction of low noise, high performance, most user friendly skimmers available to the homebuilder.

Join the adventure with sevs that have features unavailable on almost all other surface skimmers.

Plan sets and parts are available from Amphibious Marine:


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The designer, a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from U. C. Berkeley, was designing and flying flexible wing hang gliders as early as 1960, which was the very start of the modern hang gliding movement. He designed, built and test flew snowmobile engined aircraft he called "ultra-light" (as registered with the FAA in the Experimental Category) in 1967, at the very start of the Ultralight aircraft movement. He has been plying the waters of (mainly) Florida and Puget Sound country in airboats and sevs of his design over the past 25 years, while serving as a staff engineer in aerospace, working on projects from rocket engines to spacecraft components and acoustics.)

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