Sevec Builders

Here is a new way to see what Sevtec builders are doing.These builders have put up web sites so that their progress can be watched. Some of the sites are extremely detailed. This is a good way to see intermediate steps in construction.

A word of caution should be given here. Many changes to Sevtec basic design, from the use of materials not specified, to changes in mechanical parts, are shown in the web sites. What might seem to be a good idea to a builder who may have never operated a surface skimmer is usually not a good idea to this designer. However, the builders do enjoy throwing caution to the wind and building their own configurations.

Fortunately the basic Sevtec designs are proving to be very robust, the builders are not messing with the core design of the vehicles, and variations seem to work. It should be stated that it is best to build the designs as shown in the plans, and then experiment. This is the only way one can gauge whether or not improvements in the designs have been made.


It should be noted, that most of those who chose to stick with the plans are in operations. (Everyone knows a boat/sev is never really done). Additional information can be had by searching Sevtec or Barry Palmer. Be sure to search newsgroup activity as well as the web.