Pictures - page 12

Oregonian Erv Westenfelt built this Prospector, one of seven to appear at the Pacific Northwest Hoverin. (7/02)


Rodney David, whose Vanguard appears earlier in the builder file, built this exceptional 18 foot Prospector, also at the Pacific Northwest meet. (7/02)


Still another of the Oregon fleet, Allen Schaefer built this Prospector. (7/02)


Dave Mitchell, of Salt Lake City, Utah tries his luck at a local reservoir via his Vanguard sev. (9/02)


Missourian Doug Batton built this Surveyor for comfort, not speed, and got both with the twin engine version.(7/03)


Canadian Robert Hopkins tries out New Brunswick waters with his Vanguard.(7/03)

Oregonian Don Woodley built this "retro" Prospector in a high quality way in only 2 1/2 months!(8/03)