Pictures - page 8

Ed Haase, of Burlington Vermont built this Vanguard. Now he can have the adventure of slipping up on Lake Champlain's Ogo Pogo without being heard from below.



Talk about building with distractions about. Vladimir Zivaric, of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, built this Vanguard. (Yes, that is duck your head, there goes the Chinese Embassy Serbia!) The engine is from a Trabant, and a search has it at around 22hp at 3350rpm, as applied to athe stock gearing and rotors for a Vanguard, as obtained from Sevtec in the summer of '99.


Fran Wogan, of Eugene, OR , shows the correct way to moor a sev for long periods, on a float , so marine growth will not foul the skirt. The craft should be tied down to the float, when unattended.


Jay Juidice, of Seattle, WA , built this beautiful art deco "retro" Vanguard, and proved that you can build pretty, without building heavy.


This designer, at the helm, ready for a test drive.


Away we go.